Resin Paperweight Pyramid Decorative Ornament with Tigers Eye Tumblestone and 24k Gold Leaf

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Beautiful Resin Pyramid with approx 8 colour layers and encapsulates a Tigers Eye Tumblestone surrounded by 24k Gold Leaf and a nice red hue with Blue top and layers of gold, silver, copper, clear and red. 

Tigers Eye Chakras: Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

The Tigers Eye can help you see clearly, brings confidence, peace and balance and can also aid in psychic abilities.  It is known as the stone of wisdom & courage.  It can help alleviate depression, uplift your moods and make sense of the muddled up bits we can not work out in our heads!  Basically helps clarify what you want and can help your confidence, brings protection and can help in balance & prosperity.

This is a beautiful little Pyramid handmade

Dimensions - Height 5cm - Width/Depth 5cm

By Alexander Shearer for Lights & Iron

This Pyramid has minor defect at the base underneath but you can not see it.  Hence low price.